Set 1. 1 December. Shed Ventilation, preparation on the tank cover, cleaning the inner dash area

Set 2 . December 2. Some people take amazing risks

There are two things about these photos. Firstly it is good that these engine parts are back from the balancer Secondly they are displayed on the lounge coffee table with nothing under them!  And Jeremy is still alive ....AMAZING!

Set 3:  December 6. The whole gang was on deck. Vince attacks the bonnet

Set 4: December 7. Chassis internal cavity treatment day

Set 5 : December 9. Time to finish the bonnet and start on the interior 

 Set 6: December 10. It turned out to be a very short day

Set 7: December 11. Finishing the fitting of interior sound deadening

Set 8: December 12. Cavity wax day 1 

Set 9: December 14. More cavity wax, lots of sanding, painting and cleaning. 

 Set 9: December 15. A visit to Vince's residence. Here we have photographic evidence that proves he is another VERY lucky man.

Set 10: December 17. Painting can be totally depressing! The rear of the car gets the shed treatment.

Set 11: December 19: A day of close contact with an angle grinder and rust discovery 

 Set 12. December 20. All at the shed and we finally get to the end of the car!

 Set 12: December 22 Organising Jeremy and attacking the boot.

Set 13:  December 24. Rust and more rust and a little painting 

Set 14: December 28. A small job that took time. 

 Set 15 : December 30  The OC is frustrated again by paint!

 Set 16 : Jeremy and the OC get some tasks completed before the end of the year.