Editorial February 2017

1. With a degree of regret I have removed the ‘Forum’ section from the site.
The intention was to have a locally based  Q and A and Help section for DS owners.
Unfortunately this has not happened as most use the Auzzie Frogs site. The page was starting to attract those out there who like to mess with web sites. The only way to stop them was the removal of the page.

2. I have been producing this site for nigh on 12 years and the time has probably come to either hand over the reins to someone else or just close the site down completely. I will have to make a decision within the next few months.

3. Recently life at the Shed has had more than the usual amount of excitement. We got involved in a Police stake out. We left the shed just a few minutes before a raid was carried out by the Armed Offenders and Drug Squads. We did not get away scot free . We were stopped by armed police a few minutes down the road and were interviewed and searched  for over 30 minutes. The scary thing is that our mode of transport ( my wife’s Renault Scenic) was the vehicle that the drug manufacturers were using!. I will have to speak to my wife! They went on to break into two of the sheds over several hours. Terrified a harmless person legitimately working in one of the shed and found absolutely NOTHING! What a waste of tax payers money!

What do you get for Christmas when you own a Safari that looks like this .......... 

 You get this 1/18 Safari model all painted up in "Surfari" colours. Thanks for sharing Rufus.

I got myself into real trouble, again!

Recently I was standing by a lovely old 1957 DS 19 currently under going a full restoration. I made the comment that it was a lovely old thing but too gutless for me. Well, as Chicken Little said, the sky fell on my head.

Apparently, as I had never owned and driven one, I would have no idea what they were like and basically I was a prize idiot.

I have mulled over these two situations for some time and have confirmed, to myself, that I disagree with both.

I owned, and drove for over 100,000 miles a 1964 ID, a 1973 D Special for over 250,000 miles, a 1972 DSuper 5, over 50,000 miles and a 1973 DS 23 IE bvbw. I think I know quite a bit about driving relatively underpowered Ds. While many referred to my DS 23 as a truck, I would have to say she was a very fast truck and was never embarrassed by another DS, EVER!.
I am currently restoring a 1971 DS 21 IE 5 speed. She will be a lot of fun as well, if I ever get it finished!

Below is a performance comparison of three cars.
I would imagine that even the staunchest lovers of the original DS ( I count myself as one) would have to agree that the 1957 DS is a lovely, gutless old girl.

December  23 2014.

Are you considering purchasing a Citroen DS?

Remember that the youngest D is 39 years old.

The D was a car of its time and was not really designed to last as long as they have.
Approach your purchase with caution and do not be afraid to ask for help, D owners are generally very keen to assist newbies.

Here is an excellent set of photos of a D restoration from Classic Citroens in the UK.