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Can you tell me the following:

1. What model DS was this (Engine size/type, transmission/trim)?

2. What Colour (AC code must be included)?

3. What Factory was photo taken at?

4. What does the number over the windscreen specifically refer to?

5. What Date was this photograph taken?

This is a publicity photo from a 1971 US DS brochure.


 1. Why is it obvious that the vehicle depicted is not actually a 1971 model, but is really a DS 20 or DS21 US spec DS Pallas built before January 1970 (1970 model year or earlier- in other words built between 08/1967 & 01/1970)?

There are two clues that it was not built in 1971, but only one that it is specific to pre-1970 calendar-year models.”

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 Well we finally have an answer to the above conundrum. It must have taken all this time for Don 2 to dream up an answer.

The two clues: 1 is the interior rear view mirror. This was mounted on the dash until December 1970 (1971 model but only 3 months into it).

Clue 2 shows it is even earlier to this is the US repeater/reflectors that are absent on this car. Usually mounted just behind the chrome blanking plate where the European indicators are located as an extension of this trim, they were not fitted until January 1970. (They went through 2 small design changes in their life too!)