This car has has joined the list of Ds that have crossed the ditch to Australia.


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Images from Queensland. Click on the image to see a larger version 

Gossip from 1YA.

Hi there D owners. A singular piece of gossip has come to hand.
Apparently that restored DS 21 IE bvh from Te Puke has ben sold and heading to it's new home, a museum in the south of the South Island.

Paul Absolum's DS 21 IE bvh and Steve Wooton's D Special have been loaded into containers and sailing across the Tasman. The first stage in their epic trip around Australia.
A coverage of what is happening with  the Ds in New  Zealand. If you have a project underway please send me photos and details.

Christof is making excellent progress with the restoration of his 1971 Safari. Looks like it will grace our 60th DS Tour 

A pictorial coverage of the restoration of a DS 21 IE from France.
Click on the image to see the web site.
If you are considering fitting / replacing the radio in your DS this article is well worth reading and considering..

Stefano's Italian DS19 is now registered in NZ and on the road impressing the locals.
See where they rust. An article from "Bring a trailer".
The comments make interesting reading.

Click on the image to see the article.

Do you remember this Safari? Recently sold in the UK for 7600 pounds.fra
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