Contact Details
phone: 021 336784

Jeremy: cell phone: 02040029981 ( there is no guarantee  that this will get a response of any sort)
Home phone: 415 2399

Roger: 0204732347, 2996392

Here are some initial (draft) ideas for the daily run descriptions that will go with the maps.

Cape Run 22 Oct.docx Cape Run 22 Oct.docx
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Day One.docx Day One.docx
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DAY TWO.docx DAY TWO.docx
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The choice of Ferry across the Cook Strait has been made. Bluebridge. The choice was easy as they were the only company to respond to my inquiry. They have also offered excellent group booking discounts. $40 per person and $112 per vehicle as long as we can get a minimum of 5 vehicles or 15 passengers.

Good News. We have a sponsor for the event. A Sole Sponsor, with a $1000 donation

Well done Jeremy.

 The new organisers photo or David and Co

ADDITIONS JAN 7. Route options Greymouth to Invercargill

Additions January 5 Maps with times and kms

Additions January 3

Rego 2 Pages.docx Rego 2 Pages.docx
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 Additions January 2.

DS 60 Itinerary.docx DS 60 Itinerary.docx
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Meeting 1 Min.docx Meeting 1 Min.docx
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60th D Tour.docx 60th D Tour.docx
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Pork Pie Itinery.docx Pork Pie Itinery.docx
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