Final details from Bluebridge Ferries.

To get the group discount all bookings have to be made by one coordinator. One of the Tour organisers  will take on this role.

       - Bookings can be made at anytime.
       - Ferry Bookings will be added to the Tour Registration form.
       - You will need to add the 10% booking fee with your registration fee.
       - All payments will be made to the Tour Account listed on the registration form.
       - Final payment must be made by October 15

Information from Bluebridge Ferries.

They are offering the following fares if we can get 5 vehicles or 15 people:

      - $40 per person

         - $112 per vehicle


       - Full payment is required 7 days prior to travel,

       - a 10% deposit is required 14 days after the booking. This is to secure your booking.

        - If we do not have 15+ passengers/5+ vehicles on the booking you will have to pay the normal set fare at that time.

      - Group bookings are subject to availability and are 90% refundable, given 24 hours notice.